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Fake Negative Posts

Sometimes an indirect method to getting traffic may work. Getting traffic may require you to point out something on your own site, obviously not admitting you own the site, and saying some random shit like "Hey, is XYZ's login down for anyone else?", Or "Does anyone know how to find XYZ's faq page" - Xrumer style of spam

Several months ago some random forum in my niche started talking about a top 10 list I had, since someone in their niche started blasting that their company was #1 on Facebook. The forum thread stated the content was drivel, and paid for by the company, etc. Un-known to them, they increased my SEO since they were all linking to my content and I've had a nice healthy boost to my SERPS for that term cause I was getting links form and talked about, even negatively, from an authority in the industry. Thanks.

Today I still hold the #1 or #2 spots for that industry's term, and they still are asking how I'm ranking, lol. Besides the Google factor, the forum is bringing visitors from all over the internet looking and some of those visitors have made me some good money over the weeks, so it's a win-win for me. I went ahead and creates a username on that forum, and if I ever need some bashing, I'll go ahead and stir the pot, and leak that traffic with controversy over to my site.

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