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Community Groups - LinkedIn / Twitter

More engagement is needed here. The more subtle your position within the social structure, the easier it'll be. It's about figuring out how others are getting a benefit out of this. Most of the time whenever you enter a new social structure, there is an established order, and most likely someone exploiting that to their fullest advantage. Watch how they engage and leak traffic to their own properties. It can be posting links to random things and every 5th or 10th link is one to an article they wrote. They are making themselves an authority in that social structure. By doing that, they're leaking traffic to their own interests.

Another type of traffic leak is replying to random people's tweets. If they have a huge following they'll usually reply to you. I used this technique to leak traffic to twitter accounts that advertise my own properties every 10th tweet. The other 9 tweets, I'm usually talking about something within my niche that's interesting, or linking to some relevant, or replying to other people in my niche. I come up for them, and if my avatar is interesting enough, people definitely want to see what's going on. Lean on people's curiosity and human nature.

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