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Answers Sites / Platforms

Yahoo Answers / Various Answers (platforms): There are over 40 answers website some dedicated to their own niche (List of question-and-answer websites - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). You can comment and interaction and watch other people who drop their websites and brand do it, and take that role on. If you can figure out how to automate this with creating questions (extracting them from one platform - Yahoo Answers) then placing them on another THEN using another account to answer them and drop some subtle branding, or link to a helpful article that's on your website.

Own Q&A site in your niche OR local language

How about owning your own Q&A site for your niche specifically, sort of how does it for computers? Then as the site grows, "advertise" your money site in the ad spots. Take relevant questions from other Answers platforms, throw the answers through WordAi, and get things started yourself. Then comment bomb other answers platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and others? How about having a bot that sits idly by on twitter, and whenever someone mentions a topic in your thread, you interact with them and let them know the answer may be on your Q&A site (More on this in Automation section).

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