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"Our bodies are given life from the midst of nothingness. Existing where there is nothing is the meaning of the phrase "Form is emptiness." That all things are provided for by nothingness is the meaning of the phrase "Emptiness is form." One should not think that these are two separate things." - Yamamoto Tsunetomo (Hagakure, circa 1709)

Just like you can't learn multiplication without knowing first addition and subtraction, there is a basic foundation to marketing that you need to have to move forward correctly. From my point of view most SEOers resemble baby birds with mangled wings. When they attempt to fly, they don't have the proper physical ability to take off, therefore fail when real marketing has to be applied once you get past SEO. These are the basic understandings you'll need for this section, strap on your hats, we're doing real marketing:

Goals = there SHOULD be a primary and secondary goal. I like primary goals as revenue generating and secondary goals for brand growth, whether that's market share, increasing your reach - growing your communication channels - Email is my favorite since it's the most personal to your audience. Followers and Fans are an additional communication channel to send your message out.

Strategy = The Godmode overview to your goal. Usually defined broadly by increasing sales, market share, brand awareness, or the audience reach by the brand.

Channel = The platform used in a strategy with a tactic. Examples are Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Craigslist, Gumtree, Forums, and so on.

Tactic = The actual method you use to reach your goal. Create content, images, videos, interaction for your target audience. With every marketing venture you start with a broad strategy that is supported by different tactics to reach your goal. You use the tactics on the channels available to you - directly or indirectly (Reverse).

Example Channel: Google Tactic: SEO/PPC Strategy: Generate Targeted Traffic from Organic/Paid avenues.

There may be a finite number of Channels, but there are an infinite amount of tactics and strategies. The goal is to get your brains' gears turning by using tactics/strategies that succeed on one channel, and attempt to replicate it on another channel. Example, SEO - tactics on Bing - Channel. Another SEO - tactics - on DuckDuckGo - I LOLed too.

Doing a comparison back in the old days, Radio, TV, Newspaper, and Books were all Channels that people could use to get the message out there. Tactics - Use controversy, sex, or informative content to get the message out there. Strategy = Make money by selling products, ideas, or services. Are the gears in your brain starting to turn? It's difficult the general schooling system is designed to stomp out creativity and create mindless worker drones, so some of these gears have not worked since you were young

Example Channel: Email Inbox Tactics: Spam / Newsletter / Sign up / Deceptive bait and switch Strategy: Email people with offers that generate revenue or send traffic to your site for a special offer or request.

In this example, can you switch tactics or at least the basic groundwork for that tactic? Can you do PPC for Email? No, not really - But you can approach people with huge newsletter lists already, and offer them an incentive, money, deep discount to their base, and then funnel those people to an offer - product/service, OR a signup for a free giveaway, therefore increasing your email base with only people that open up emails from their list.

Doing it reverse, can you Spam Google? Yeah, yes you can. No need to continue on that one.

Can you Use a Newsletter tactic on Google? With PPC - yes it is possible, even with SEO and spam. Example, you create a bunch of tripod parasites or something, spam the living daylights out of it, and get it to #1 for a week or so, but when it's #1, you have an email signup popup designed solely for collecting emails so you can re-market to them later on. As the spam gets slapped, hopefully you also made some immediate revenue, you also are growing your email database list for you to communicate offers to - segmented by niches.

So your spamming isn't always a hit and run scenario, there is an email game plan for a bigger objective - growing your email list. Recall all those old school fellas always said, the money is in the list. You can hit your list anytime, anywhere, and make money if you have monetization avenues in place. Use one tactic spam - grayhat/blackhat to grow your organic list, whitehat

So the goal is to start mixing and matching as we move forward. Once your brain gets trained to mix and match tactics/strategies with different channels, you open your brain up to a whole new level of marketing thought process. Imagine if you grew your list from spamming Myspace back in the day, and then re-marketed that list with ringtone offers Then as your list continued to grow (people do grow up), those former Myspacers enter college, you offer them student loans or online degree courses. As that list continues to grow in age and in size, they enter the next stage in life, you offer them life insurance, health insurance, mortgage offers.

You see when you understand the source of your list and it's demo, as they grow in life, you can promote newer offers to them. But it's about collecting that list and opening up the avenue of communication first. A website's cool, but the money is in the data. I think LexisNexis big, if you don't know who they are, good luck bro...

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