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Welcome To The Final Level

"In the Kamigata area, they have a sort of tiered lunchbox they use for a single day when flower viewing. Upon returning, they throw them away, trampling them underfoot. The end is important in all things." - Yamamoto Tsunetomo (Hagakure, circa 1709) As you take a glimpse to all the possibilities on the final level, just remember - this isn't even my final form yet...

This was our internet. We were here first, we conquered it, and evolved it. We, those of us from the time before time, before the Google, before the Guidelines, before SEO... We conquered this world. But then got too lazy. We let Google take over bit by bit, in exchange for ease of usage. We encouraged family and friends to use the Google start-up. We helped spread it like wild fire... Now we look around... and realize what we have done.

We've given up our stats to Google Analytics in exchange for fancy graphics. The untold rule was a beneficial exchange. We give them our website data, they give us the proper data... How's that agreement going as of late? This answer is (not provided) - Paraphasing Cygnus.

You slowly gave them more and more control, and now you wonder why you can't live without them? You now wonder why you are at their mercy? It's time to take back control and break the chains of the mystical Google Guidelines. Have you seen these guidelines? I can't even find a link to their mystical writing, yet we are suppose to follow invisible trails - it's like a rat maze, and when you touch the walls you get a nice electric shock. You used to love Google for their free traffic - years ago... That same traffic is not so free anymore, is it? You gave up so much control, now you are a prisoner numbered within their Analytics Code.

You let them crawl your website for content to supply their Google visitors. The best of the best content was suppose to be given priority, but what do you get in exchange. You give them your content, images, videos, data, than they took away your keyword researching tools. Then they gave you a hummmingbird. Afterwards they took away your organic keywords in your Analytics software - While you still allow them to use YOUR data to improve their bottom-line!

They gave you Gmail to control your communication - but tricked you with Ads and scanned your emails directly into the NSA's database for any future crimes of yours. Then they created those promotional tabs, and now this tracking pixel nonsense...

We told our family and friends to use this new search engine, it was more accurate and better... What do they do in turn? Turn their backs on us, the webmasters of the world. We gave them everything, and they've thrown us to the side of the road like we're nothing. It's our data in their database. They are scraping our websites to populate and give info to "their" customers.

Now, they spit on us webmasters, web developers, and internet marketers - as if the internet could even function without us... They used the classic divide and conquer, giving us weapons like disavow, and "reconsideration"... So they've got us pointing guns at each other, waiting for the first shots in the negative SEO wars to be heard around the net.

Everywhere you turn, we the men of ability, the webmasters of the world are looked down upon - us who control the internet, your websites, and your ability to even navigate these great waters, being treated like janitors at a gentleman's club. How about we take back the internet, using traffic leak exploits as the first rung in the ladder to take back control of what is rightfully ours?

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