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Random Examples

"You can sell dogshit if you package it right, doesn't mean it will taste good or that your customer will be satisfied, but you can! You can also have a hard time giving FREE GOLD away if it's covered in dogshit or not packaged right" - NCMedia/Norb (RIP NicheChoppers)

Alright I asked around on skype for examples people want me to go in on and they threw these ones at me, so I'm going in...

Legal Lead Gen

Comment bomb News articles about cases related to article. There is always a constant stream of news articles about legal problems, a simple Google Alert setup and bam you're on the scene like an ambulance chasing lawyer, sorry - I had too. That's direct traffic from people who are involved OR know someone that is involved and can forward them your link. Anyone that's reading that has some sort of connection to the story. Same thing for forums and other viral sources. If the off topic places of the forums or Answers platforms talk about a case, give some critical details about the case and drop your brand at the end (citations ). It'll help you build credibility and trust with your brand before they even get to your site.

Look for family or mommy blogs, or places people share heart-felt stories. Search for the niches your attorneys cover and see if you can drop some quick non-binding advice and drop your brand or link at the end. No need to upsell yourself, since your non-binding recommendations is more than enough to give you credibility. (You are going to want to consult with the lawyers about the campaign before hand to see what you can and can't do).

Family Matters Tribute Site

I'd first do an individual where are they now on each character which includes their current activities, past acting gigs (tv shows and movies), and any additional information. I would also have about 30-50 photos of each individual. (This goes for side characters as well).

I would first create some info-graphics about shows in the 90s and connect with other tribute sites to data from them. I'd do site to site link exchange for traffic and distribute the info-graphics around the internet. Then get Google Alerts on the actors and "stalk" them around the internet. I'd make sure to comment and drop the site whenever possible in the user generated portion.

Next I would find all boards/forums and platforms that talk about TV shows and use the info-graphics as content. Interact with the individuals on that board, and connect with other members that own sites as well. Exchange traffic and sidebar links. Afterwards I would do a reverse guest-post on other 90s shows and link to the tribute sites for them. Get the owners to tweet it, Facebook it, and spread it virally and you pretty much have traffic coming in from all angles.

You can take it to the next level and create a parody twitter account of Urkel and talk about random things of the internet and the world in his mannerisms. See how far that goes.

Youtube is also a great place to create clips from favorite episodes or guest appearances by other famous actors on the show. (Going back, I would create an individual page on each guest actor and a where are they know as well). Celebrities sites that allow user generated comments is where you are going to get the best traffic leaks.


I've talked about different examples of insurance already in this thread, but this topic is way too vague to get into details, so I'm going to use an example of selling boat insurance. If you are selling boat insurance, become a member of boat forums and engage with customers there - ABOUT BOATS. Then after being a loyal member, drop a big thread about helpful boat insurance advice and ways to protect their boats, at the end a small 1 sentence byline about how you can help people out and link to your website, and you'll have people PMing you and asking for advice all day. Move on to the next boat site, and the next. If there are other boating platforms, go there. Other types of site you want to look into is vacation spots with docks, beaches, and other places people with boats may want to travel.

Now if there is no site dedicated for boat owners to find great destinations... well how about you make one and comment bomb all over the internet about your new site for great destinations? Then have sidebar ads up-selling your boat insurance? You can create your own forum, and use Pinterest to showcase beautiful vacation destination photos. If you don't have a channel then create your own channel/soapbox. How about finding Fishing forums and websites? Most fishers have some sort of boat to fish with? Join that forum and get cozy with the members, then drop your information and advice in the off-topic section. I doubt you'll get flamed like we do here.

Sloth Nice / Gifs

Looks like QLC is in the audience. I'd first find and save all the sloth gifs on the internet. I'd remove all the watermarks then re-watermark them with the new site. Then create a meme generator specifically for sloth gifs, then do a comment forum blitz all over the net. Forums are usually where most gifs are reposted, so that's going to be the main game plan. Bribe a couple of high profile posters and give them access to the repository and the ability to upload their own gifs, not necessarily having to be sloth gifs. They'll use that, and then you can open up the image sharing site to the masses once it becomes popular.

I'd hit up tumblr as well, and create a huge repository of the gifs, and tag them accordingly, then connect with other funny meme tumblrs. I'd do a link exchange on there meme sites, and setup an automated email every week to send them stats on how much traffic I sent them. That'll keep us in their minds, and hopefully the grateful ones will prefer sending us traffic over random others.

Gifs, photos, and images are part of the sharing, reblogging, and reposting game. So watermarking is going to be the key to spreading this site.

Car DealerShip

Most places hit up Craigslist, but I'd do a reverse. Since craigslist is starting to crack down and charge for listing for cars on there, I'd create a site specifically for free which allows people to display their cars for sale without any costs - competing with Autotrader. I'd use Airbnb's method of spamming craigslist posts and letting them know of the new website they can list their car.

Once the site starts growing I'd place ads specifically to my dealership in the areas I want to advertise and lock that shit down. Then sell the other cities' ad space to whoever wants to buy it. The site will grow naturally since car dealerships will start posting on there and craigslist as well. The key is to get the competition grow their listings on there, and let them know how to share it on their social media accounts, emails, etc. Send out marketing tips weekly to them so they are pushing the listing site for you, and building your brand as they take full advantage of the free listing, hosting, and display.

Most of these places have someone uploading to Autotrader already, so another listing that's simple to use shouldn't be a problem. Along with the marketing tips, I'd send a listing view and stats on traffic to their listing to show the growth (fake it if you have to). The key is to get them pushing the site for you and if they can use your site as their main inventory showcase versus their own crappy site, all the better. Think it as like a subdomain but for them specifically. This is a more elaborate plan, cause the other plans of attacking selling used cars are sort of overcrowded. Actually you can do this if you are selling auto insurance instead of being car dealership as well. Become the exclusive auto insurance company of that listing site.

Real Estate

People want to see the homes they are about to buy, so I'd setup a beautiful Pinterest board and update it with lists all day for the higher-end properties - that'll get them reposted by people. Also, the website should have a search function for visitors, don't know why most real estate brokers go with the bullshit default ones from their MLS.

I'd then have a maps available of schools, fitness centers, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, shopping malls, and other attractions in their area. You can do a reverse guest-post on all of the above and reach out to them to let them know you featured them on your site. They'll do the sharing, and pushing for you with their own marketing channels. You can give them marketing hints on how they can share it if you need to.

I'd then do reverse guest-posts on bloggers in the areas you are targeting that do interior design, home decor, paint galleries, companies that create furniture, pet lover blogs, local shops, farmer's markets, local restaurants, and reach out to all of them and let them know so they can push your site to their own individualized target markets. Right there you just planted a strong foothold within the community, by doing something nice for them, even though the end goal is local and targeted traffic to your real estate listings

The key with a viral traffic leak is to get other people to push your website for you, that's the power of a reverse guest-post.

Bar of Soap

Alright, I'd hit up every bodybuilding blog/website and let them know about my affiliate program. When you lift weights, at some point you have to take a shower. So, if you can sell your soap as being natural or getting rid of the acid from sweat - clearly I have no idea what I'm talking about - or something beneficial, and give the bodybuilding sites your affiliate program, that's money in the bank.

You can approach health nuts, vegans bloggers, fitness centers with websites, and do some guerilla marketing campaigns at their physical locations. Selling soap shouldn't be that hard, especially if you can spin a health benefit to your particular soap. If you can angle it, you can hit up mommy blogs, baby blogs, healthy living lifestyle sites, anything that has to do with people taking care of themselves.

To go viral, create info-graphics about germs, dirt, and health, and post those suckers on Pinterest, and get them shared everywhere. You can visit health forums and drop them in the off topic sections to get the conversation going. It's not hard to sell something that's an essential like soap. It's not like candles where you have to pull marketing stunts by putting diamonds in them.

Vegan Blog

I'd approach this one with a more personal touch. First create a map of local organic stories, also ones for pets - yeah they exist, then create an App with that data as well. My App would have my recent recipes and favorites from the internet with an ingredients section so people know what to buy while they are at the grocery store

Then I'd hit up others in my niche and do video interviews on their particular subject, then a reverse guest-post on anything related in my niche and reach out to them to share with their audience.

Afterwards, I'd hit up the healthy forums hard, and drop some health knowledge topics. I'd hit up food forums and drop some health recipes. I'd hit up fitness forums and drop yoga poses. I'd reach out to those in the niches mentioned and tried do site to site link exchanges and send them a weekly update on the amount of traffic I'm sending them - to keep me in their minds. I'll let them know, if they ever want to feature anything of theirs on my site, to let me know - so I got them creating content for me

I'd take the mobile route pretty serious as well. If I can push notify my audience whenever something they are interested in drops, whether it's a new recipe, new local organic store in their area, new video, and so on. My primary mode of communication would be the mobile Apps cause that way they can fall in love with the personality and face of the brand.

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