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Tumblr's the current haven for teens and young adults that want to get away from their parents and the older audience on Facebook. Anything related to the entertainment niche can go viral. We've seen tumblr tags alone rank in the SERPs, but the power is in the watermarking and creating proper tags. Don't worry, I got you covered, TagsForLikes - Most Popular Top Instagram Tags Copy and Paste, if you cant' think of ideas for tags (can be used for anything), that site will give you categorized ideas. Same thing as other social sites, follow people to get them to follow you back, reblog people's posts, and engage them at their level. Watch how others are watermarking or dropping their brands on Tumblr, then mimic that action. Chances are that if a photo goes viral in Imgur, or Pinterest, or anywhere else and it's the same target, it'll get traction on tumblr as well. Think Automation: Imgur -> tumblr, Pinterest -> Tumblr, Tumblr -> Twitter, and so on. I discuss more of this in the Automation section (special thanks to $MoneyMike$ for the back ground on this).

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