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Alright, this technique is rather simple to do. Hit and run Facebook Fan Pages in the comment sections with your Ads. I've got a digital product that one of my affiliates picked up and started this technique and has been averaging $300 a day in revenue as an affiliate cause of it.

They have a simple regular Facebook account, you probably don't want to use your own, so get hundreds of them if possible - bulk resellers. And visit fan pages in your niche. Subscribe to all of them and drop your link in the comments. Photos work great, links are okay, videos are better, but the most subtle shit is the best.

One affiliate got really clever and was commenting on a random page in the niche that seemed to have been abandoned, "Has anyone heard of XYZ digital product". He worded his question in a way that asked if they thought it was legit or worth it. Since it looked like he was an innocent 3rd party, people commented on it, and clicked through affiliate link. Sales came in like no tomorrow. You can't keep hitting the same fan page with it though, so you have to find several pages in your niches. It's a hit and run commenting tactic. If you eventually get banned, use another account of yours, and keep it moving.

Try it with comments, direct links (CPA and even cloaked - 99% of the audience out there doesn't know anything about affiliate marketing, remember that, only affiliate marketers do), and use videos as well. You can even get slicker and just drop the Brand Name, so people have to go fishing. When people go fishing for shit and find it, they are more inclined to trust it, since THEY are the ones that discovered it.

These small indirect tactics of mind-fucking consumers and getting them to do what you want, taps into the basic curiosities of humans. It's all psychology.

Remember how Xrumer got the word out there? XRumer, They inputted into their spamming software a list of forums, then had them create accounts on the forums, then posted the question "Where can I get Xrumer?", Idiots replied to those threads, and even tried to help out the fake Xrumer member find Xrumer by Googling it themselves. So Xrumer spread the word of it's existence, by using it's own software, That's the level of thinking you need to get to.

You can do these hit and run marketing tactics anywhere, Twitter, Imgur, Forums, Even with bloggers in your industry. At the end of the day, it's about going where your audience is AND pushing your marketing upon them directly or indirectly.

Facebook - Quicky

Find Social Influencers and advertise only to them. Why cause they interact with the niche and are most likely to engage with it. Use them to spread the word. BabyGotBacklinks has a startup play for this - 30 Penguinized Sites : Recovery Efforts

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